Kevin J. Crosby (awards)

A young boy stands on the beaches of Los Angeles and Waikiki commanding the WAVES to do his bidding. "You heard me, ladies! I'll be your commanding officer."

"Excuse me?" asks a man from behind, as if on queue. "I thought you were talking about the ocean waves you plan to conquer in school."

"I was, and changed gears; try to keep up!"

"I'm a Hollywood producer. Do you need representation?"

"I'm sorry. I'm on an important mission right now, but look me up in twenty years by the codename Skews Me."

Handler: "Kevin, that's enough! Let's go now."

The waves suddenly recede into the ocean, so the boy shouts "Tsunami!" and starts fleeing inland. Suddenly everyone targets him, trying to trip, tromp, trample, and Trump him to death disbelieving anything he says even when showing the science of what's happening to the Idiocracy blocking his way at every turn until he finally finds higher ground and prays it's safe to rest. The waves roll in, everyone's washed out to sea, and from the depths of the debris he hears…

2019 Senate Intelligence Committee hearing

BBC Spy Series

"You can make a direct and critical contribution to your nation's security while simultaneously making money doing a job you would probably do for free if they let you." — Frumentarius, "Top 5 Qualifications for CIA's Clandestine Service,"

The FBI’s Protected Voices initiative provides tools and resources to political campaigns, companies, and individuals to protect against online foreign influence operations and cybersecurity threats.