Child Abuse is the Number One threat to National Security

Today, “the Palestinian authority is transmitting a message to the younger generation: the goal of life is death,” reports the “Children of Jihad” news report. “Children are instructed: throw down your toys and replace them with rocks”:

The goal of this training is to program the children to be ready and willing to murder and kill of their own free will even if it means that they themselves will die.… The deliberate incitement of the children has gradually lost all restraints. The incitement reaches each household through televison and radio spots, it permeates the schools, and the textbooks are riddled with teachings of hate.

Teaching children to hate inundates them from all directions. Cartoons and characters in children’s magazines and newspapers remind them to throw stones. Photographs of… martyrs adorn every wall.… Children are taught not to fear death but to welcome it.…

In a society in which legitimization of child murderers becomes a part of its ideology then normative human morality no longer exists.… All of this has been orchestrated quite methodically by the Palestinian authority who, with malice of forethought and directed from above, have transformed children into political pawns.

– Children of Jihad,” IsraelsProtector video at, (retrieved: 12 March 2011)

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Operation Underground Railroad - We rescue kidnapped children from slavery
Operation Underground Railroad – We rescue kidnapped children from slavery

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