Cycles of life

Cycles of life
by Skews Me
8 November 2009

With every birth there comes a certain death
In a long time passing one’s final breath
When days of old may meet friends anew
Trim the tree some might say, one or two or a few

Final word in an instant, a hastened goodbye
Years are passed tis forever? Resolution or a lie
Seemingly no compassion would us rather be forgotten
Feeling free to do anything evil and rotten

So what are we doing some of us in the know?
We’re building a world of wonder, a place which to go
Using brainpower and some magic and things they don’t teach
Understanding many worlds without making it preach

Left standing and staring at the colors all around
On too many faces a permanent frown
A friend in our midst must know how to be found
To settle our nerves, feet firmly planted on the ground

A quick fix to find first some seem forever to do
Lose track of a compass thinking nothing askew
Freak power and wrote diction demand respect when in lieu
There’s common sense choice children already knew

Promises kept secret are good, honest and loud
For the big Earth Day gig to the huge sold out crowd
Can’t leave the fans waiting at last it’s rehearsed
OMG! What a brain fart forgetting a verse

Life goes on it seems endless, bliss is fun ignorance
Heads poked in sand waiting time ticking praying will it cover the rent?
While life passes as friends must do too at times when the shot makes its dent
Seattle loves its music so to those coffers will my money now be spent

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Operation Underground Railroad - We rescue kidnapped children from slavery
Operation Underground Railroad – We rescue kidnapped children from slavery

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