Essentials to Living

Inspired by drawing so many blanks on job and rental applications, this list has been expanded by others to include medical records and living wills.

Note that some items such as Passwords and Social Security Number should not be shared with others.

    Name(s), maiden name, etc.
    Phone number(s)
    Email address(s)
    Passwords, PIN numbers
    Birth certificate
    Birth hospital
    Social Security Number
    Driver’s License Number
    Mother’s maiden name, father’s middle name
    Birthdays, anniversaries
    Contact names, addresses, phone numbers, email
    Emergency contacts, address, phone numbers, email
    Previous addresses
    Landlord names
    Landlord phone numbers
    Job objective
    Career objective
    Synopsis of skills
    High school education, proof of graduation
    College education
    Volunteerism, clubs, associations
    Debt(s) $, student loan(s) $, addresses, phone numbers
    Work references
    Company names
    Company addresses
    Company phone numbers
    Start dates
    Start position titles
    Start duties
    Start wages
    Start supervisors
    End dates
    End position titles
    End duties
    End wages
    End supervisors
    Reasons for leaving
    Can contact former employer?
    Checking account
    Savings account
    Monies in bank
    Extra income $
    Hourly, monthly, annual income
    Assets (autos, stocks (keep certificates current), bonds, etc.)
    Auto VIN numbers (some people carve them into every window)
    Rent $ (incl. what percent of income is rent), lease paperwork
    Deposit $ (damage, pet, etc.), paperwork
    Utilities $
    Child support $
    Pet’s emergency clinic phone number, address
    Criminal convictions (felonies and misdemeanors)
    Dates of convictions
    Current status of convictions
    Deferments (e.g. community service, rehab)?
    Voter registration address, political party
    Credit cards (companies, account numbers, PIN numbers, phone numbers, billing addresses)
    Save purchase receipts
    Save tax receipts for 5 years
    Mortgage and title company…account numbers, addresses, phone numbers.
    Insurance records: home, car, medical, other property
    Life insurance policy: account number, policy holder, beneficiary
    Medical / Dental records:
    Family history of disease and social interaction
    Communicable diseases
    Distinguishing features (moles, scars, tattoos)
    Eyewear prescription
    Blood type
    Where were tests taken?
    Where are the x-rays?
    Doctors’ current addresses.
    Where are the records now?
    What meds have you taken? Reactions?
    What immunizations? Reactions?
    Disease indicators (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.)
    Surgeries…surgeon…hospital name. I can tell you the anesthesiologist.
    Insurance info
    Signed release of medical information on file for emergency purposes
    Doctors, case managers
    Location of will, powers of attorney, living wills, Directive to Physicians
    Religious affiliation, burial plot, church services? cremation? open casket?

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Operation Underground Railroad – We rescue kidnapped children from slavery

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