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Since my earliest memories from childhood, I’ve been standing up for human rights (as opposed to personal freedoms).

I think I couldn’t have been more than four years old when my mom ran crying into their bedroom with blood pouring down her face after my dad punched her. I told him if he ever did that again, I would kill him. Of course he didn’t believe me and asked how I might go about it. After I gave him a long list of methods including stabbing him through the eye with a kitchen knife while he slept to mixing the chemicals under the sink into his food, I don’t think he ever hit her again… though I think he may have pushed her down the steps one night years later.

I remember clearly the day on my Big Wheel running away to stop at a semi-truck pulled to the side of the road. The trucker asked where I was going and convinced me the world was far more dangerous than it was at home and to go back.

Recently my brother told me how I used to ride my Big Wheel down our hill into heavy cross traffic and how after we moved they blocked off that intersection from the hill. That reminded me how back then I asked my dad to buy me a watch, and then made him buy me a second one when the first one didn’t have a second hand. I had timed the light down the street out of view and resulting traffic flow so that I’d actually zoom across the intersection just as the rearmost cars cleared it.

At our next house I started kindergarten to be immediately advanced to first grade, which absolutely pissed off all of my friends. When the teacher then asked why I wasn’t doing my homework and me telling her how when I got home from school I was given something to drink and then waking up the next morning, I suddenly met the acquaintance of disgruntled CIA agents disgusted with how the CIA’s MKULTRA was doing things like brainwashing children. This was around 1975, two years before the Senate Hearings investigating MKULTRA.

Back then my dad made nuclear missiles for a government subcontractor in California, and after the agents took me to meet his boss, his boss was told to tell my dad that there was a job opening in Pennsylvania and insist we drive there and explore the countryside along the way. My family rented a big car with power windows (new in those days), and we set off East.

We got intercepted in Nevada, and while during this time I have no idea what was happening to my family, I was shown advanced technologies including an optical computer that could morph in real time that I was told processed one million bits of information at once. It was there I was told that I would have to learn to keep a sharp eye out and keen ear open to the world around me if I was to be an effective spy. So I asked, “Can’t you just put a camera in my head?” After a moment’s expression of confusion on the agent’s face, he ran off all ecstatic and the next thing I knew I don’t know how many hours later, I was rushed out a back door into a van while a group of government reporters were interviewing a man across the way as being the first person to have this technology installed.

Again, this was around 1975, a decade after The New York Times ran a front page article about Jose Delgado’s remote-controlled animals including monkeys.

The next thing I remember was waking up in our rented car to read the sign Welcome to Pennsylvania, finding the motel, my parents going off to a dinner interview while my brother and sister were in a different room, and out of boredom decided to start reading The Bible in the drawer. Then some men came into the room, and again, things went black before coming to be shown even more classified information that will remain classified information.

My family spent a some time in the area and took me to see the Smithsonian Museum among other attractions, and the next thing I knew I woke up in the car in the middle of the desert driving through the most amazing lightning and thunderstorm, before again getting drugged out to end up at a “summer camp” being run by the CIA MKULTRA program, but that information will have to wait for another time.

For the next several years, my family bounced from house to house spying on child abuse rings around Corona, California. At one apartment complex where the deviant children did things like set lethal traps, one of which came millimeters from killing me when it stabbed me in the back of my throat, I found one day there dumpster diving dozens of cryptic medical records listing dosages along with dozens of used syringes.

By the beginning of what should’ve been my 4th grade year (this after skipping kindergarten) we moved north to Edmonds, WA. I remember sitting as high as I could in the top of a tree in our front yard watching kids come home from school only to be informed how the school year had already started. At that point, I actually had to convince my parents to register me for classes where they then held me back to 3rd grade again because I’d missed so much school moving around, but I was immediately bused off to another school during part of the day that was teaching advanced students. I had a lot of fun learning their creative thinking curriculum until one day I discovered they’d just given a boy a bath in the back room. I reported it to my teacher at the regular school, and shortly after I got home after classes, my parents arrived home early from work, said pack your bags, we’re moving tonight. And again, off to another safehouse to hide out.

As an outspoken children’s rights advocate, I’ve obviously made many enemies from those who would prefer children be considered private property with no rights. At the same time I’ve made some very powerful allies in government. So when someone tells me I’m their enemy, I prefer to ask the reason why before I list the people I know hate me.

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Operation Underground Railroad - We rescue kidnapped children from slavery
Operation Underground Railroad – We rescue kidnapped children from slavery

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