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As an activist and content provider, I’ve copy / pasted countless articles from websites during the past decade to my websites, Yahoo Groups, MySpace, Facebook, post comments, etc. In most every instance, I’ve needed to include a link / URL back to the original article. This has usually meant manually selecting the URL from the browser’s address bar after pasting the text. But recently, I started noticing some websites automatically add the URL to the text selection and so I sought out how to do it.

I eventually found Tynt.com, an upstart company, offering their services for free that not only include the JavaScript snippet to include, but also provide statistics for the page hits. As I just set up my account, my statistics won’t be available for a number of hours, but I’m sure any analytics Tynt.com can provide will be beneficial to knowing how my content is being used.

The JavaScript snippet Tynt.com provides for adding a URL link to the copied text assumes there’s a master template to be used for all of the web pages. Luckily, when I first created my main website I created a header.js file my essays load to render features common to all pages. So after updating the file and clearing my browser cache, the Tynt.com Test feature indicated I was good to go.

But then I had my WordPress blog to consider. Luckily a few plugins for Tynt.com have already been written so I went with “Tynt.com For WordPress” that seemed the most full featured, and after duplicating my settings from the Tynt.com offical site to include the id-key I needed to extract from the code snippet, again, the Tynt.com Test feature indicated everything was working fine. It even worked for pages in one of my subdomains.

I have encountered a glitch in the Tynt.com code, though, for which I’ve sent them notice. I have an ebook that uses #name links to quickly jump to that chapter. Tynt.com adds a #id analytic tag to the end of the URL which apparently renders both # tags useless. Hopefully Tynt.com finds a workaround for this conflict, even if it means convincing browser developers to be smarter about them too… as they eventually did for [ target=”_BLANK” ] anchor tags to open a new tab rather than new browser instance.

So now that my essays and blog are set up to include not only a link back to the original article as well as include one to my http://facebook.com/SkewsMeScience page when someone shares my material, I’m waiting in anticipation to see just what *is* getting shared.

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    Thanks Kevin for your comments here and on our Facebook page! I am meeting with our product manager for Tynt Publisher Tools next week and will make sure I ask him about your suggestions for improvements. Please keep them coming!

    Derek Ball

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