Ode to Coma

Leonardo da Vinci - I awoke, only to find that the rest of the world is still asleep.

I long held the notion that I’d need a prolonged nap
For the juices to start flowing, for the words for my crap
Shoot, I wrote a poem “Coma” the other day… ’tis true
About sleeping through history
And I’ll share it with you

Should be in your inbox
Some hours ago post haste?
It’s from angst-ridden notions
And opinionated taste

I found it a “channel”
Like Hillary said
But *I’m* singing friendly
Where she was of dread

I’ve won awards for Government, Student Leadership, and Beer
I better remember to copy / paste this
Or I’ll be crying a sad tear

The Simpsons Kang and Kodos hitchhiking
Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!


by Skews Me
29 April 2009 (updated: 1/1/11)

Waking up from a long needed coma this morn’
I read into the news, and boy was I torn
When I blinked out some years ago with CIA full in charge
New war in the Middle East, and students at large

While deep in my slumber I thought I heard sounds
Like my favorite show The Simpsons’ alien clowns
Saying “Clinton,” “two party system,” “protein strings,” Kang
The lesser of two evils, and thought to myself “Dang!”

The more I heard voices while deep in my slumber
Another Bush, “burning steel,” bin Laden and plunder
But then a loud hush before 600 buck lumber
“Check’s in the mail” they kept saying to reverse Economic bummer

I thought, “Can this get any worse? And what have we done?”
The world rushing past quickly and not very fun
At least it seemed to me that my sleep wasn’t dumb
For if in a wakened state I’d have surely have run

To the Hill, up the Steps, and into the House
Crying what the Hell happened here? I tell you The Mouse!
Untruths being spewed to death like lemmings to the sea
All lies I implore you just wake up and read

But stuck in unconsciousness was all I could do
To try to keep track of things… “All these names are in twos?”
Why couldn’t I wake? What was keeping me down?
The pigs started killing us? Mother Nature would frown

And then I kept thinking it best I just die
For if I awoke now all I’d do is sob, cry
But then from the darkness appeared to me light
I sprang from the bed more than willing to fight
Unfortunately, though, in my long weakened state
My knees buckled, collapsing, is this my true fate?

If it wasn’t for someone I never had met
Taking action and quickly, and now in my debt
Holding me steady but a slap in the face
For my medical bill shown to me, Oh My God! the disgrace

I said “What the muck? Where’s The End? Crank up that dial!”
“I need some good music and need a good smile.”
And after some advertised chatter had cleared
Thought some of this music is still kind of weird

But lo and behold after raising some doubt
Some tunes started playing and making me proud
That people are listening and singing The Word
Without sounding like morons and totally absurd

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Putting pen to the paper I then started to write
Handwritten horribly after such a long night
But watching the time pass feeling as rushed as can be
I must go to the library that helps the blind see

For not having worked a job in so many months
I volunteer services in digestible chunks
And now my last day helping people not me
I’m being told to do something and charge folks a fee
Write a book or a novel, a song, or a story
Alas, I would do so, but I won’t kill a tree

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Operation Underground Railroad - We rescue kidnapped children from slavery
Operation Underground Railroad – We rescue kidnapped children from slavery OurRescue.org

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