Toward a Perfect World

The first and most important step to creating a “perfect world” is to restructure Education. For example, forcing straight-A students to have to sit through countless hours of classes teaching to failing students has got to go the way of the dinosaur. As for dinosaurs, I’m sorry, but T-Rex was not a vegetarian living alongside Adam and Eve.

While tracking in Education gains momentum, the second focus needs to be on acceptance of things different from ourselves with courses in ethics and dispelling xenophobic myths. The latter leads to violence at an early age when the former is nothing but an undefined word to students.

Concurrently, violent offenders including rapists and child molesters need to be exterminated like the vile wretch that they are. Add to that list those who would steal millions of dollars of people’s life savings in their selfish attempt at greed and gluttony. One simple means to this end is to walk a hottie through a prison and execute every “dog” that barks.

Lying to children must also stop. Just how many kids have balled a tear when they learned that Santa Claus wasn’t real? How many adults to this day still believe in Santa Claus so much they’ll force their children to sit on some strange fat man’s lap who’s dressed in some freaky costume? On that note, even freakier looking than Santa Claus are the most popular televangelists telling absolute lies about The Bible so that they can build their Crystal Cathedrals and such.

On the subject of church, THE CHURCH that started it all for the modern era is well know by many now to have been sexually abusing children for more than 1700 years, and yet they’re still consulted when it comes to politics involving ethics. (Again, ethics should be more than an undefined word for so many.)

Community Spirit needs to be instilled in not only our youth but our adult populations as well. In a small town, for example, people get to know everyone and get along well, but in the big city, people lock themselves away into their overpriced “jail” cells avoiding contact with anyone except who they feel they “have” to get to know. I need to distinguish Community Spirit from Community Action, though the two are intertwined. Countless rude people will pile up garbage in their yard and wage domestic violence and worse, bringing down the value of the rest of community around them when others choose not to step up and get involved. Burrying your head in the sand like the proverbial osterich does nothing to promote a perfect world.

Once these basic steps are taken, the snowball effect will take root, much as how the whole Jerry Springer snowball effect took root more than a decade ago helping lead to this current mess we find ourselves in.

We may also want to strive toward the example the nation of Bhutan presents, basing their nation’s strenghts and weaknesses not on how much money they make, but instead on how happy their citizens are.

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Operation Underground Railroad - We rescue kidnapped children from slavery
Operation Underground Railroad – We rescue kidnapped children from slavery

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