The S stands for…

Lois Lane asks Clark Kent (in uniform) for a pseudonym, and he responds, Skews Me.

The English expression “excuse me” has played a role in Hollywood before I first noticed it as a child, but I staked my claim to their literary usage on-screen when I was merely five years old in 1975.

The government agent asked me what I wanted my code name to be, so I said, “Skews Me?” Thinking I didn’t understand his question, he asked me again what I wanted my on-screen name to be so they could pass me information through the television. So again I said, “Skews Me?” At that point he shouted down the hall that he didn’t think I was smart enough for the role I was demanding to play until I explained to him that I wanted to be known as SKEWS ME. Made him eat his words!

Anyway, life goes on, people keep dying, more are born to fill the roles of servitude, and people look to superheroes for escape. Maybe if people would actually be thoughtful enough to help some of our most notable leaders of all time, the greats wouldn’t have been hard pressed to find even a dozen willing cohorts and their friends to try to save the world.

I can’t help but notice the microphone feedback squeal cutting them off. I use that effect in my old mission statement as well. And as far as my logo with the musical 8th note goes, you might better see it as a rotating electromagnetic field.

And here’s just a great song that helps express my fears involved with disclosure.

David Bowie – Starman (1972) HD

x-Skews Me, General? Thank you, General.

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Operation Underground Railroad - We rescue kidnapped children from slavery
Operation Underground Railroad – We rescue kidnapped children from slavery

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