Men who go to Hell

“Twelve Elite Daily employees answered what they would do differently if they were men — if they were truly equal – and every answer was different, unique, inspiring and encouraging,” writes Kylie McConville for Elite Daily. For example:

“It’s bad enough to be fiercely stared down or cat-called by men, but by far one of the most unacceptable things a man can do is grope a woman against her will. A woman’s body is a temple and men have no right touching it unless there is blatant consent for it.”

– Kylie McConville, “#IfIWereABoy: 12 Women Share What They’d Do Differently If They Were Treated The Same As Men,” Elite Daily, 5 August 2014, at (retrieved: 8 August 2014).

“Every day women absorb, and are expected to pay, the costs of the safety gap,” notes Soraya Chemaly for The Huffington Post.

This gap costs us time and money and limits our movement. It can limit our employment opportunities, because some jobs can become very dangerous in an instant if you are a woman. Just ask reporters, truck drivers, migrant workers, activists.

Ask yourselves, men, do you feel safe on your neighborhood streets? Do you choose where and when you shop or commute carefully? Do you have parking strategies, like not parking near vans? Do you use your keys as a weapon or take other similar measures? Do you avoid paying for a gym because you can exercise outside with no problems?

– Soraya Chemaly, “10 Everyday Sexisms and What Do You Do About Them,” The Huffington Post, 8 August 2014, at (retrieved: 8 August 2014).

“If you think that being masturbated at is a rare experience,… it’s time to face up to the prevalence of the problem. It’s time to take a stand.”…

There are some experiences that sound so extreme, so shocking, that there is a general consensus they must be very rare indeed. People would like to assume, understandably, that this story is a horrifying anomaly. But when I retweeted one woman’s experience of being masturbated at this morning, the response was overwhelming.…

“Nobody said a thing” … “Nobody stopped him” …. “Nobody cares”

– “Women being masturbated at in public isn’t as rare as you might think,” The Women’s Blog, 26 June 2014, at (retrieved: 31 July 2014).

“Voyeurism is a very serious crime,” asserts Bill Kelly, an FBI veteran who dealt with sex crimes, notes the Schweizers in their 1998 book Disney: The Mouse Betrayed; Greed, Corruption, and Children at Risk. “It can often escalate to more sex offenses.” According to Professor Jack Enter, “Seventy percent of rapists are voyeurs.”
– Schweizer, Peter and Rochelle Schweizer, Disney: The Mouse Betrayed; Greed, Corruption, and Children at Risk (Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publ., Inc., 1998).

Help me, I don’t know if I can wait until tomorrow

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Operation Underground Railroad - We rescue kidnapped children from slavery
Operation Underground Railroad – We rescue kidnapped children from slavery

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