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On the verge of epidemic (“fictional” story)
by Skews Me
22 August 2009

Warm, moist environments have forever attracted fungal growth, and modern households often provide the perfect environments for a variety of unwanted flora.

Many fungal infections that afflict humans are prevented by good bacteria that naturally live on the skin, but with so many people today using antibacterial soaps and washes, most of these good bacteria are killed off.

Irradicating beneficial bacteria opens the door to not only fungal infections that would naturally have been prevented, but any harmful bacteria that survive the 99% sanitation will increase the toxicity of future generations.

Deadly staff infections inflicting hospitals and prisons is but one result of this unnatural process of sterilization.

A geometrical rate of expansion of both obsessive cleanliness and superbugs is reaching a tipping point where the ability to treat outbreaks will become virtually impossible, and today’s doctors are simply not equipped for the widespread epidemic that is coming.

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