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Jesus was a teacher, not a preacher like most

Holy Innocents Day

Jesus was a teacher, not a preacher like most
He told us what’s up, that’d he’d soon be The Ghost
When it came to forgiving as the churches will toast
He rose above all else from the valleys to coasts

Yet a soldier arrived, demanded Him heal his servant
Read carefully His words, please try be observant
Truly, He said, I’ve never seen such great faith
Sarcastically He responded to the man making wraiths

He then healed the servant like so many others
Having learned the skills early with his sisters and brothers
A lone child it would seem the tale of Jesus is told
From the preachers wanting money acting prideful and bold

“Do not think that I have come to bring peace on [this] Earth
I have not come to bring peace, but a sword” and rebirth
The last will be the first and the first will be last
For in the future comes Heaven after time comes to pass

Please do me the favor and just read about Him
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John rather than from men filled with sin
As the words of the savior are so unlike spoken
It’s no wonder this world is torn apart, weeping, and broken

Preachers will say go to church while He said do stay at home
Pray in secret, Father listens, lock the doors all alone
When the hypocrites thumping Bibles say love is a sin
No wonder so many give up and throw the book in the bin

Again I must plead to you, please read His words wisely
If you’re not having dreams, premonitions, and such nightly
Then you’ve really not done His works as He tried to set forth
Try sleeping east to west rather than south to the north

When the time comes to be judged for what you have done
Did you help our children grow up or did you look out for number one?
Too many people seem not to know right from the wrong
I can’t help but shed a tear for those who’ll be receiving the prong

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