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Several years ago a young kid on Facebook asked me if sex feels good. I replied that that’s a question best asked of his parents or health teacher, but what I did add was that sex is supposed to feel good, and if it doesn’t, something is wrong. I hear many people lament, though, that not only do parents refuse to discuss the birds and the bees with their children, but school officials neglect teaching it as well.

“Sex education is not mandated in Texas,” reports The Huffington Post:

And when it is taught, it is not required to be medically accurate, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit reproductive rights research group. As of 2011, Texas had the fifth-highest teen birthrate in the country.

They’ve even equated a woman’s sexual activity to a used piece of chewing gum, and while waiting for a haircut, I overheard one Texan discussing using a sandwich baggie and duct tape rather than a condom. Community activist Quanell X noted in 2014 that “something is absolutely wrong in the state of Texas, and it needs to be corrected.”

Texas leads the nation in the dumbing down of not only its own student body but also those in other states forced to use their lackluster textbooks. The blame falls squarely on their Conservative board of education who dictates the content of their curriculum, preferring to eliminate the teaching of higher thought processes like critical thinking while adding corporal punishment to the classroom environment: BAD ROBOT!

I’ve been studying sexual issues ever since childhood when I began spying on pedophile rings for a multi-agency task force. From a perverted Sunday school teacher to the “older boys club” of high schoolers who prey on young children, to perverted school officials and corrupt law enforcement, there were always cover-ups to keep it quiet as we rooted out the perverts in and around Disneyland and beyond.

As far back as the 1950s, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) began operating summer camps around the world as part of their MKULTRA program. A 1977 NBC News special report describes a sort of Lord of the Flies “study of how youngsters behave without adult supervision.” In the mid-1970s, at such a camp run by sadistic behaviorists, the first kid I was paired with was a mean girl who insisted she was a boy; they’d already messed her up in the head. They were programming obscene behaviors into children, obsessing on the term O.K., and some of those behaviors I’ve noticed becoming mainstream in recent years like the boob bump and duckface. Most of the kids there did exactly what they were told to do even when it meant hurting other children. And there were a lot of children there as in many other similar summer camps across the nation during an era where sending kids off to camp was popular.

Chapter three of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World indroduces the reader to the hypersexualization of young children so that they’ll grow into promiscuous adults. Disney, no stranger to the Huxley brothers, has carried on this tradition by creating children’s role models like Hannah Montana before turning them into full blown sex toys like Miley Cyrus. She is just one in a long line of Disney “sex kitten” programming, with other victims including Britney Spears sometimes dissociating into a multiple personality as she did during an interview with Barbara Walters. Walt Disney, in case you forgot, hired German Nazis after the war including medical monster Heinz Haber who helped brainwash America into embracing dirty nuclear energy.

Huxley also introduced people to hypnopaedia, or sleep hypnosis, a form of learning things while unconscious. For instance, one time I was asleep in front of the television having a dream about some cool product on an infomercial when I suddenly awoke during the program to realize it was a piece of crap, its value grossly distorted by the fact that I had been hearing their sales pitch without full control of my faculties. During the end of the Bush regime, when every other commercial on at night was a repetitive “Army Strong” recruitment ad, a good friend of mine who normally slept with the boob tube on suddenly wanted to date soldiers, because as she put it, “they’re strong.” She refused to listen to me when I tried to explain the reasons behind it and stopped talking to me. When I tried to explain it to a neighbor who also slept with the tv on, she started calling me a terrorist. It still seems being a “college boy” is looked at with disdain from the uneducated crowd.

“In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he (or she) had been brainwashed,” notes David Rubin writing about “Social Engineering, Brainwashing and Hypnosis” at the website:

Inevitably all those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they have “seen the light” …or have been transformed by recently discovered scientific knowledge.… Conversion is a “gentle” word for brainwashing.

In college, friends and I would provide homophobic young adults with supportive environments to explore their desires, but because we weren’t professionals, sometimes they converted to being so gay you could spot them from blocks away. So much of their anti-gay rhetoric came from some sort of manly man mentality which I can trace back to beginning with the advent of half naked muscle men like Hulk Hogan rolling around on the ground with each other as well as watching big, sweaty men playing with their balls on the sports channel rather than spend time with the women they claim to love. But the tipping point I noticed during childhood came at the cusp between the classes of 1988 and 1989 when D.A.R.E. brainwashing started to take root, and high school campuses lost the allure of classic rock in lieu of “big hair” for men. That, and the pink-shirted He Man cartoon featuring his pussified battlecat.

Looking back to ancient Sparta for whom numerous sports teams are named, all the boys were turned gay as part of their warmongering homosexual pederast society. Bettany Hughes discusses The Spartans in a documentary for The Ancient Worlds:


(1:08:45) At the age of 7, boys would be sent away…where they’d be schooled in the art of war. Male bonding wasn’t just encouraged, it was compulsory. At the age of 12, a boy was paired with an older man, usually one of the unmarried warriors aged between 20 and 30… This man…was also a lover, for institutionalized pederasty was a part and parcel of life for the Spartan warriors. These intimate relationships seemed to have had lasting psychological and emotional effects on the men. When the time came for them to get married, it must have been a difficult adjustment to make, but the pragmatic Spartans came up with an unusual way to help them through their wedding night. The Spartans practiced a custom called marriage by capture. On her wedding night, a bride would have her head shaved like a small boy… She’d be dressed in a man’s cloak and sandals, and left alone in a dark room. Meanwhile, her husband would quietly leave the common mess, come to her, lay her down on the straw pallet, have sex with her, and then slip back to sleep with his comrades as usual. This wasn’t just a quaint wedding night ritual: it could carry on for months and even years.

All of this wishy-washy ignorant “Everything I need to know I learned in Sunday school” mentality has led to the corruption of the media to the point where sexual exploitation is commonplace. The objectification of women and children on television and in print has grown so out of proportion that today men think it’s O.K. to send unsolicited dick pics to strangers. In the past, they’d be arrested for flashing — a sex crime requiring registering as a dangerous sex offender — but now not only are the politicians coming onto men in public toilets, but even kids unaware of the long term consequences of their porn creep addictions are sexting child pornography to each other.

After centuries of the creeps leading this charge and the sheeple blindly following, luckily activism in the last half century has helped turn the tide to the advantage of…what’s the opposite of perverts? In the past when people spoke out against the creeps they’d soon predictably drop dead from Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome (SUDS). Now we’ve finally gained enough of a foothold to make headway stopping them.

Today we have the award-winning “Spotlight” docudrama exposing the Catholic church cover-ups that have been going on for centuries, as well as the “An Open Secret” exposé making the film festival rounds about the rampant child sexual abuse in Hollywood/Disney. Youtube also features the “Conspiracy of Silence” documentary about Father Flanagan’s Boys Town providing the rich and powerful with sex slaves, as well as “Boys for Sale” about hellholes like Houston, Texas, where we just recently arrested more than 400 perverts.

There’s also criminal groups like the Kiwanis, who pride themselves on their extensive community work with children, despite running the O.K. Boys Ranch known to the state for the years raping and beating children in its care. And these are just drops in the bucket compared to everything else going on behind closed doors.

Unfortunately, most people would rather leave it up to someone else to deal with. So we have, whether you like it or not.

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