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Disney, Hoover and Reno

Information regarding Disney has been greatly expanded upon in my "Brainwashed at the Mouse House" paper that Paranoia Magazine requested I write for them.

Who is more powerful — Disney or God?
It’s a tough call.1
If anything is more irresistible than Jesus, it’s Mickey.2

Mickey Mouse scaring child (JPG)

Walt Disney (JPG) Gunther Lessing (JPG)  

Walt Disney

Gunther Lessing

Disney's "Der Fuehrer's Face" (JPG)
� W.D.P.
[Walt Disney] accompanied [attorney Gunther] Lessing to American Nazi party meetings and rallies.3 According to one of [Disney’s] animators, Arthur Babbitt,4 “On more than one occasion, I observed Walt Disney and Gunther Lessing there, along with a lot of other prominent Nazi-afflicted [sic] Hollywood personalities. Disney was going to meetings all the time. I was invited to the homes of several prominent actors and musicians, all of whom were actively working for the American Nazi party.” i… Walt was also committed to the ‘America First’ movement and became one of Hollywood’s most active prewar isolationists. Under Lessing’s tutelage, Disney discovered how the passions and power of political activism could be used as weapons for personal gain. And later on, for revenge.5 As part of Lessing’s antiunion activities, he persuaded Walt to become an official Hollywood informant for the FBI.6 Disney testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee, and he named several of his striking employees as Communist sympathizers.7

Disney’s World

The Magical Kingdom has a darkside. Disney World is the most visited theme park in the world. Every year millions of children visit the theme park making it a haven for pedophiles and child molesters. Dispite their family image, Disney has done nothing to stop this. Disney…refuse[d] to run background checks on their employees for past child offenses.ii Disney sent no employees to a free program, run by Orlando police, to educate local security guards in how to spot pedophiles at theme parks. By their indifference Disney allows scores [of] children to have thier [sic] lives ruined every year. When a molestation occurs, Disney has been uncoroperative with local police during investigations by not releasing information on the crime.8

Crimes are covered up at Disney World…to maintain the myth that bad things don’t happen in the Magic Kingdom.… It’s the same reason the company is unwilling to cooperate in efforts to nab child molesters working at Disney World.9 The message, never stated but avuncularly implied, is that America’s values ought to reflect those of the Walt Disney Company and not the other way around.10

While it�s difficult to know just who is working at Disney, copies of the company�s security records reveal that numerous employees have arrests for a variety of sex crimes.… Even repeat sex-crime offenders with criminal records have operated at Disney for years, apparently with the company�s knowledge.11

[And if harming children at their theme parks isn’t bad enough,] Disney sweatshops are located in numerous countries.12

Disney sweatshop (JPG)

  • Why We Hate Disney: Research Walt and the Disney empire at my news group. Included are photos, links, and a 2001 Disney Biography (MS Word .doc) with extensive bibliography (every book on Disney my local library could obtain and then some).
  • anomalies-unlimited.com: How Disney got so powerful and why they can do any damn thing they want. And often do. And usually get away with it.
  • Losing Nemo: Because of these and other abuses, it's anything but ethical to buy movie tickets, home videos, or toys from Disney.

Some Signs You Are A Disney-Nazi

  • Unwavering devotion to all things Disney
  • Disbelief of anything anti-Disney
  • Obsession with Disney memorabilia
  • Obedient faith in every Disney employee
  • Unfettered spending on Disney products
  • Possession of Disney stock
  • Ignorance of Disney's non-child-oriented products
  • Stern
  • Use of foul, insulting language to those who don't share your beliefs
  • Hypocritical childrearing: neglectful/abusive

Disney's "Education for Death" (1943)

Disney's "Der Fuehrer's Face" (1943)

J. Edgar Hoover (JPG) For decades, despite evidence that was obvious to everybody else, [FBI Director John Edgar] Hoover claimed there was no such thing as “organized crime.” He refused to allow the FBI’s resources to be used to fight the Mob, instead going after “communists” and petty criminals.iii Why? According to author Anthony Summers in Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, it was because the Mob had very explicit photos of Hoover and [assistant director Clyde] Tolson having sex, and information about an arrest of Hoover in New Orleans on a morals charge in the 1920s.13 The conflicting pressures of dealing with his sexual confusion in private while posturing as J. Edgar Hoover, masculine, all-American hero, in public would eventually drive the F.B.I. director to seek medical help.14 [Though, when] police investigated a child porn and gay-teen prostitution ring in Los Angeles in 1969, at a time when Hoover and Tolson were visiting the area on another of their “inspection tours,”…the cops were surprised to hear from several different teen boys that they had been picked up by Hoover and Tolson in an FBI limousine. According to one fifteen-year-old, Hoover lectured him about his long hair before having sex with him. Fifteen men were indicted in that investigation, but not Hoover, Tolson, or any of the ring’s other celebrity clients.15

Hoover and Tolson (JPG) To this day, there is a general dislike of Hoover within the homosexual (male and female) population,…the common perception being that he and Tolson were “hypocritical” in this regard [Leigh W. Rutledge, The Gay Book of Lists (Boston: Alyson Publ., 1987), pp. 48-49; Dennis Altman, The Homosexualization of America (Boston: Beacon Press, 1982), p. 130; Vern L. Bullough, Homosexuality: A History (New York: Garland STPM Press, 1979), p. 139; Austin American Statesman, 24 Sep 1989, p. A6; and Richard Gid Powers, Secrecy and Power: The Life of J. Edgar Hoover (New York: Free Press, 1987), p. 172].… From 1953 to his death in 1972 he personally directed an illegal nationwide surveillance program of homosexual rights groups [Austin American Statesman, 24 Sep 1989, p. A6],…[though] a number of Hoover’s friends were also homosexual, most notably the late [mafia lawyer, CIA asset and McCarthyite] Roy Cohn [Sidney Zion, The Autobiography of Roy Cohn (Secaucus, NJ: Lyle Stuart, Inc.), pp. 9, 11-12; and Ovid Demaris, The Director: An Oral Biography of J. Edgar Hoover (New York: Harper’s Magazine Press, 1975), p. 159].16

J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building (JPG)FBI is watching you (JPG)
[President Richard] Nixonivv gave J. Edgar Hoover a state funeral and praised him as an American hero. Ronald Reagan, then governor of California, said, “No 20th-century man has meant more to this country than Hoover.” Soon enough, however, it became clear that Hoover had long abused his office, undermining basic American freedoms he had claimed to hold so dear. Yet 20 years after his death, in spite of the compelling evidence that he was a force for great evil in the nation’s life, Hoover’s name still gleams, in letters of gold, high on the walls of F.B.I. headquarters in Washington.17

“J. Edgar Hoover’s name is a stain on the building,” [Harry Reid of Nevada] said [3 Feb 1998] from the Senate floor. “No other public official did so much to undermine civil liberties as did J. Edgar Hoover.” 18

“Mr. Hoover lived outside the law he pretended to uphold,” [New Jersey Senator Robert] Torricelli said.19

A conspiracy may be a continuing one; actors may drop out and others may drop in; the details of operation may change from time to time; the members need not know each other or the part played by others; a member may not need to know all the details of the plan of the operation; he must, however, know the purpose of the conspiracy and agree to become a party to a plan to effectuate that purpose [Craig U.S.C.C.A.Cal., 81 F.2d 816, 822].20

Janet Reno (JPG) [Janet] Reno�s history as a prosecutor in day-care cases in Florida is not encouraging.21 They are still cleaning up from the “child abuse ring” witchhunts Reno did.22, vi

In the 1980s, Miami prosecutors devised a nationally-imitiated [sic] method to win child molestation convictions. Today, some of those cases are unraveling.23 The so-called “Miami Method,” developed…by the office of Dade County State Attorney Janet Reno, became a national model for vigilantly pursuing day care sexual abuse cases. Reno set up a special children’s unit inside the state attorney’s office staffed with “child experts” who specialized in cases of child sexual abuse. The “Miami Method” utililized [sic] videotaped interviews with children and expert testimony assuring jurors that the children should be believed. A state law was changed to allow the children to testify from the judge’s chambers. The method also required physical evidence and the testimony of an adult eyewitness.24

What is troublesome here is the manner in which [Janet Reno] pressured [people to testify and confess]. If outlined in a human rights report the methods endorsed by Reno would justly be called brainwashing. They included isolation, quasi-hypnosis, conditioned response and kindred mind-bending techniques.25

In the early years of the Clinton administration, the Justice Department, under Attorney General Janet Reno, appeared to be operating with the intent of legalizing a substantial portion of child pornography.26 [In 1993,] within months of Janet Reno’s promise to “protect our children from abuse,” 27 [the Justice Department] tried to redefine child pornography to make it more difficult for prosecutors to go after…child molesters.28 [A brief filed by Solicitor General Drew S. Days 3d] told the [Supreme] Court that a Federal appeals court had used “an impermissibly broad standard” in interpreting and applying a law that made it a Federal crime to distribute or possess tapes or pictures of minors involved in “sexually explicit conduct.” 29

Justice Department officials insist they were not trying to undercut child pornography prosecutions but instead interpret the law in a way that would save it from being struck down as unconstitutionally vague and overly broad by the Supreme Court.30 The Reno Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to reinterpret the federal child pornography statute in a way that will result in legalizing a substantial amount of child pornography, encouraging further criminal child exploitation.31 “It’s simply not the kind of hard-core child pornography at the center of the industry,” said [a senior official in the Justice Department], who spoke on condition of anonymity.32

Unbelievably, the position taken by Attorney General Janet Reno is that the producers and distributors of this wretched material cannot be prosecuted unless children are depicted lasciviously engaging in sexual conduct and the material must include a visible depiction of the genitals or pubic area of the body [Richard Carelli (The Associated Press), “Administration Softens Its Definition of Hard-Core Child Pornography,” 23 Sep 1993].33 Reno has argued for what amounts to unprecedented and unconscionable interpretations of the exiting child pornography laws in order to prevent the Supreme Court from declaring such laws unconstitutional. This is a smokescreen to conceal the real agenda — the legalization of child pornography under a warped and depraved interpretation of the First Amendment.34vii

The moderate and far-right…accused the Clinton administration of being soft on child porn.35 From the floor of the Senate came a resolution, passed by a vote of 100 to 0, condemning Days’s brief. Wilting under the heat, Bill Clinton quickly caved, sending a rebuke to the attorney general, Janet Reno, that denounced Days’s reading of the law. A few months later, when a seat came open on the Supreme Court, the solicitor general, whose name had been on every White House short list, was never seriously mentioned for the job.36

Saying the Justice Department has misread [the] child pornography law, more than 100 members of Congress asked…for the right to argue in court on how the law should be interpreted.… The lawmakers say no change in the law is necessary.37

Although candidate Clinton stated “that aggressive enforcement of federal obscenity laws by the Justice Department — particularly by the Child Exploitation and Obscenity section — will be a priority in a Clinton-Gore administration,” 38 statistics and other evidence demonstrate little or no prosecution of illegal pornography by the Reno Justice Department. Syracuse University report (TRAC, 1997) shows that obscenity prosecutions…decreased 86% since Clinton and Gore were elected.…

FBI Agent William P. Kelly worked for the FBI in Florida while Reno was an assistant district attorney and state’s attorney general of Dade County.… Now retired, he…remarked that Reno “was never interested in taking on and prosecuting illegal obscenity,” much to the delight of local porn peddlers.

Michael Berish was one of the lead officers in the City of Miami Police Department’s vice unit. He retired from the police force in 1994. Within his jurisdiction, he noted that “the majority of obscenity cases involved organized crime figures that were responsible for the interstate distribution of this material.”

As a career police officer, he became frustrated when Reno absolutely refused (to him personally) to prosecute cases, even with the extensive evidence his department provided, with some even involving organized crime figures. This same pattern of not prosecuting illegal pornography is evident…in the Clinton/Gore administration’s DOJ.39

Elian Gonzalez (JPG) Whatever else she may be, Janet [“Barbecue” 40] Reno is consistent. She “saves” children wholesale, as she did at Waco,viii and she “saves” them retail, as she [was] determined to do with Elian Gonzalez.41, ix

In spite of Reno’s peculiar vision of the attorney general’s duties and her appalling record, she has enjoyed nearly universal acclaim as the Clinton Administration’s star Cabinet member.42 Janet Reno has gotten a free ride from the mainstream media who have refused to look at her checkered history of deceit, incompetence, and mayhem.43 In fact, Reno has a long history of causing civil disturbances, riots, and loss of life and property through bone-headed prosecutorial decisions.44

Her contributions of media-friendly stormtrooper tactics combined with modern TV shows like COPS and True Stories of the Highway Patrol served to remind the public of what would happen to them if they decided to turn off their TVs and take to the streets to protest things like wars, failing economies, and dismantling of the social welfare system.…

�Reno is to the black community what Hitler was to the Jews.� � Garth Reeves, publisher, Miami Times, 1980

�There is a growing consensus that her office is a source of humiliation to black people, and she has become a symbol of oppression to all of us.� � Jesse Jackson, 198045

For years people have laughed at the punch line, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” When it comes to Janet Reno these words loose [sic] their humor and become frightening instead.46

Perhaps the most telling sign of Janet Reno’s value system can be found in the words on a plaque in her office at the Department Of Justice.

“All furniture in this office was built by Federal Prison inmates.” 47

i One former army associate claimed that, in the army, Hitler was never promoted past lance corporal because of alleged pederastic practices. He also claimed that while in Munich, Hitler was guilty of offenses under Article 175 of the German military code which deals with pederasty.
— Jack Mingo, The Juicy Parts: Things Your History Teacher Never Told You About the 20th Century’s Most Famous People (New York: Perigee, 1996), p. 174.

ii All new employees at Walt Disney World are now subject to background checks, a policy quietly implemented after a Disney worker [with a fairly extensive criminal background] was arrested in the rape of a teen-age tourist. The expansion of background checks also comes as a book critical of park security went to press. Peter Schweizer, an author of “Disney: The Mouse Betrayed,” said the announcement is “more than coincidence.” A Disney spokesman said the book had nothing to do with the change. “That’s something we’ve kicked around for a long time,” said spokesman Bill Warren.*
The Associated Press, “Disney Implements Background Checks,” 18 Oct 1998, at http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/1555/Disney6.html.

* Disney’s security practices — including its own police force, hidden cameras and holding cells — have long been targeted by critics.
— “Disney: Background Checks for Everyone!” 19 Oct 1998, at http://jasonworld.com/film/film09.htm.

iii Under [Janet] Reno, the Justice Dept. took a relatively unaggressive stance on many law-enforcement issues, while pursuing a number of high-profile antitrust cases.
— “Reno, Janet,” The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2001, at http://www.bartleby.com/65/re/Reno-Jan.html.

iv At Disneyworld [sic] in Florida, the President told an audience of editors and national TV, “I am not a crook.” (video)
— Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, All the President’s Men (New York: Warner Paperback Library, 1975 (1974)), p. 365.

v John Mitchell, Attorney-General under Richard Nixon, was essentially a thug who was convicted of perjury, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice.… Pretty impressive for the nation’s top law enforcement officer. His loyalty was rewarded. Mr. Nixon, who promised, in the 1968 election, to restore law and order to America, greeted Mr. Mitchell with a party after he was released from prison.
— “Janet Reno: the Worst Attorney-General in U.S. History?” 20 Sep 2000, at http://www.chromehorse.net/rants/rants00/reno.htm.

vi Witch hunts hurt not only those involved but also those working so hard on abuse awareness.
— “Abuse at State School for the Deaf,” The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 24 July 2001.

vii The Senate and the House of Representatives must hear from you that you will not tolerate the legalization of child pornography.
— “Our children are at risk!,” Restoring America, 29 May 2002, at http://www.restoringamerica.org/archive/education/children_at_risk.html.

viii The FBI’s own behavioral scientists predicted disaster if David Koresh was pushed too hard. Sadly, that advice was ignored for political reasons, and 24 innocent children died as a result.*
— The Patrick Henry Center, “FBI Agents Must Tell the Truth About Waco but Cannot be Placed in Charge of the Investigation!” 9 Sep 1999, at http://www.patrickhenrycenter.org/issues/issue007.html.

* [Janet] Reno’s attack at Waco is the ultimate example of child abuse.
— Bill Holmes (Vice Chair, Antelope Valley Libertarian Party), “No empathy for Reno,” editorial, at http://www.avlp.org/editorials/reno1.html.

ix Cuban law decrees that Elian must be taken from his family for long periods of time to be indoctrinated into the harsh communism of the Castro dictatorship, and taken from his family permanently if the state decides that his “communist personality” is not developing satisfactorily. The carefree little boy in tennis shoes and Disney tee shirts, whose life in Miami has been suffused with love, warmth and good times, will disappear into the maw of a brutal and remorseless state.*
— Wesley Pruden (The Washington Times), “Consistency finds a jewel in Janet Reno,” 11 April 2000, at; See also Wesley Pruden, “Consistency finds a jewel in Janet Reno,” Jewish World Review, 11 April 2000, at http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/pruden041100.asp.

* [In 2003] three years have passed since Janet Reno ordered and executed the brutal raid of Miami’s “Little Havana” community in search of Elian Gonzalez. Today, little Elian is a nine-year old Cuban boy under the control of a terrorist regime, thanks to back door deals between the Clinton Administration and Castro.
— “Judicial Watch Battles Government in New Elian Lawsuit,” Judicial Watch, 3 May 2003, at http://www.judicialwatch.org/archive/newsletter/2003/0503h.shtml.


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Contorting the fingers and hand to resemble the devil's horns pointed outward is an obscene gesture. Pointing the fingers inward, however, is a sign to ward off evil. Pointing with the index and little finger is a gesture used only when wishing someone bad luck.

&nsash; Italian business culture - Acceptable public conduct, at http://www.executiveplanet.com/index.php?title=Italy:_Public_Behaviour.

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