“The prescription medication addiction problem in the U.S. is having some unexpected consequences,” notes the website. “In many cases, experts report that when an individual has been addicted to pills for a while, they often start replacing these drugs with harder, more dangerous street narcotics like cocaine or heroin.” 1

“More drug counselors and parents are finding their kids using unusual products to try to get high,” writes the news website. “Some are turning to spices like nutmegi and cloves, while others are huffing hand sanitizer.” Eugene Fournoy, an El Paso drug counselor “said the Internet is allowing young people to share ideas on how to get high.” 2

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i For thousands of years, nutmeg has disappointed people who were stupid enough to try getting high on it.
– Scott Morgan, “A Scary New Drug Threatens Our Children: Nutmeg,” 7 July 2010, at (retrieved: 4 August 2012).

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