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In the 1980s, the “Miami Method” of aggressively handling child sexual abuse cases was developed by Florida Dade County State Attorney Janet Reno. In his article “Beat the Devil: Janet Reno’s Coerced Confession” for The Nation, Alexander Cockburn describes the use of isolation, quasi-hypnosis, conditioned response, and kindred mind-bending techniques used to ensure damning testimony.1 Predictably, many of the convictions were overturned in appellate court.

Despite Reno’s witch hunts, she “was never interested in taking on and prosecuting illegal obscenity,” according to FBI Agent William P. Kelly. One of the lead officers in the City of Miami Police Department’s vice unit, Michael Berish, noted that “the majority of obscenity cases involved organized crime figures that were responsible for the interstate distribution of this material.” 2

Later appointed by President Bill Clinton to the position of U.S. Attorney General — the nation’s top cop — and within months of her promise to “protect our children from abuse,” quotes Col. Ronald D. Ray,3 Janet Reno’s Justice Department attempted to redefine the law “with the intent of legalizing a substantial portion of child pornography,” writes Concerned Women for America.4

A brief filed by Solicitor General Drew S. Days 3d “told the [Supreme] Court that a Federal appeals court had used ‘an impermissibly broad standard’ in interpreting and applying a law that made it a Federal crime to distribute or possess tapes or pictures of minors involved in ‘sexually explicit conduct,'” notes The New York Times.5 The Times also quotes an anonymous senior official in the Justice Department as saying, “It’s simply not the kind of hard-core child pornography at the center of the industry.” 6 Gregory J. Rummo explains:

Reno has argued for what amounts to unprecedented and unconscionable interpretations of the existing child pornography laws in order to prevent the Supreme Court from declaring such laws unconstitutional. This is a smokescreen to conceal the real agenda — the legalization of child pornography under a warped and depraved interpretation of the First Amendment.7

“Although candidate Clinton stated ‘that aggressive enforcement of federal obscenity laws by the Justice Department — particularly by the Child Exploitation and Obscenity section — will be a priority in a Clinton-Gore administration,” notes William E. Brigman in “Politics and the Pornography Wars,” “statistics and other evidence demonstrate little or no prosecution of illegal pornography by the Reno Justice Department. Syracuse University report (TRAC, 1997) shows that obscenity prosecutions…decreased 86% since Clinton and Gore were elected,” explains James Lambert in his article “Clinton, Reno give pornographers free ride” for the American Family Association Journal.8

Elian Gonzalez taken at gunpoint

Wesley Pruden of The Washington Times writes in “Consistency finds a jewel in Janet Reno”:

Whatever else she may be, Janet [“Barbecue” 9] Reno is consistent. She “saves” children wholesale, as she did at Waco,i and she “saves” them retail, as she [was] determined to do with Elian Gonzalez.10, ii

William Norman Grigg writing for The New American points out that “in spite of Reno’s peculiar vision of the attorney general’s duties and her appalling record, she has enjoyed nearly universal acclaim as the Clinton Administration’s star Cabinet member.” 11 “Janet Reno has gotten a free ride from the mainstream media who have refused to look at her checkered history of deceit, incompetence, and mayhem,” explains the NewsMax.com website.12 “In fact, Reno has a long history of causing civil disturbances, riots, and loss of life and property through bone-headed prosecutorial decisions,” writes Cubanet.13

His emergency medical bracelet says he's allergic to 'The Man.'

“Her contributions of media-friendly stormtrooper tactics combined with modern TV shows like COPS and True Stories of the Highway Patrol served to remind the public of what would happen to them if they decided to turn off their TVs and take to the streets to protest things like wars, failing economies, and dismantling of the social welfare system,” notes the rotten.com website:

“Reno is to the black community what Hitler was to the Jews.” — Garth Reeves, publisher, Miami Times, 1980

“There is a growing consensus that her office is a source of humiliation to black people, and she has become a symbol of oppression to all of us.” — Jesse Jackson, 198014

Jim Peron asks “Did Stephen King Invent Janet Reno?” “For years people have laughed at the punch line, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.’ When it comes to Janet Reno these words loose [sic] their humor and become frightening instead.” 15

“A Brief History of Janet Reno” at the whatreallyhappened.com website sums it up that “perhaps the most telling sign of Janet Reno’s value system can be found in the words on a plaque in her office at the Department Of Justice.”

“All furniture in this office was built by Federal Prison inmates.” 16


i The FBI’s own behavioral scientists predicted disaster if David Koresh was pushed too hard. Sadly, that advice was ignored for political reasons, and 24 innocent children died as a result.
— The Patrick Henry Center, “FBI Agents Must Tell the Truth About Waco but Cannot be Placed in Charge of the Investigation!” 9 Sep 1999, at http://www.patrickhenrycenter.org/issues/issue007.html (retrieved: May 2003).

[Janet] Reno’s attack at Waco is the ultimate example of child abuse.
— Bill Holmes (Vice Chair, Antelope Valley Libertarian Party), “No empathy for Reno,” editorial, at http://www.avlp.org/editorials/reno1.html (retrieved: May 2003).

ii Cuban law decrees that Elian must be taken from his family for long periods of time to be indoctrinated into the harsh communism of the Castro dictatorship, and taken from his family permanently if the state decides that his “communist personality” is not developing satisfactorily. The carefree little boy in tennis shoes and Disney tee shirts, whose life in Miami has been suffused with love, warmth and good times, will disappear into the maw of a brutal and remorseless state.
— Wesley Pruden (The Washington Times), “Consistency finds a jewel in Janet Reno,” 11 April 2000, Jewish World Review, 11 April 2000, at http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/pruden041100.asp (retrieved: 26 February 2012).

[In 2003,] three years have passed since Janet Reno ordered and executed the brutal raid of Miami’s “Little Havana” community in search of Elian Gonzalez. Today, little Elian is a nine-year old Cuban boy under the control of a terrorist regime, thanks to back door deals between the Clinton Administration and Castro.
— “Judicial Watch Battles Government in New Elian Lawsuit,” Judicial Watch, 3 May 2003, at http://www.judicialwatch.org/archive/newsletter/2003/0503h.shtml (retrieved: May 2003).

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