The perfect deep-cover agent…is the one who doesn’t know he or she is an agent. — Telefon (1975)

  • Conditioning – I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select.
  • Thought Reform – Unbeknownst to Orwell, China was subjecting students to this “reeducation” process to adopt Communism.
  • Brainwashing – Cut off from friends, relatives, previous relationships, abusive groups surround the recruits and hammer rigid ideologies into their consciousnesses.
  • Hypnotism – A synthetic hypnotic spy with a dual personality is extremely hard to detect.
  • Spy – Called ‘the most addictive thing on TV at the moment’ by The Daily Telegraph.
  • Sodium Pentothal – Large doses of Ritalin and Sodium Pentothal have been used in narcoanalysis.
  • Mickey Finn – Surreptitiously altered to induce diarrhea or stupefy, render unconscious or otherwise incapacitate the person who drinks it.

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