“Americans would be horrified to learn that 2 million children across the nation are being given cocaine by their parents and doctors to make them behave better in school,” notes John Lang for the Eastside Journal. But in 1997, “about 2 million American school children and zooming numbers of adults [we]re taking the cocaine like medication to control their thoughts.”

“Like halitosis in the 1960s, impotence in the ‘70s and herpes in the ‘80s,…ADHD is one of the fastest growing disorders being diagnosed today.… And it is, according to believers as well as skeptics, possibly the most misdiagnosed disorder.2

“It’s a lucrative market for pharmaceutical companies,” writes Lang. David Stipp points out that “to maintain a 10% annual growth rate, the industry’s top 50 companies must more than triple their output of novel drugs.” 3 The college textbook Understanding Abnormal Behavior teaches:

A large number of [these] medications are being prescribed to treat childhood disorders. They include tranquilizers, stimulants, and antipsychotic medication.4


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